Why Going Vegan Should Be Your New Year's Resolution for 2019

Posted by on December 20,2018|Permalink

新年充满了机遇,and a good resolution offers a real chance to achieve something great over the next 12 months.In 2019,why not make a simple yet powerful change for animals,our planet,and yourself?

Animals can feel pain,pleasure,fear,and love,and they value their lives just as we do ours.Yet billions of them are tormented and yabo888killed every year for their flesh or skin.

The meat,fishing,egg,and dairy industries are a nightmare for animals,who are treated like a collection of body parts rather than sentient individuals.Their misery will continue year in and year out – unless we采取行动.

偏见是否基于种族,gender,sexual orientation,or species,it's always morally unacceptable.If we wouldn't eat a dog,why eat a pig?Animals aren't commodities to be abused and yabo888killed,and they should be free to lead their own lives and raise their young without being harmed.

对于那些担心虐待动物的人来说,富有同情心的纯素生活方式是显而易见的选择,climate change,or their own health.It's becoming more and more popular every day,and as a result,餐馆里有很多素食者的选择,在超市里,and on the high street.Bytaking our 30-day vegan pledge,you'll be privy to all the latest and greatest things to explore in the vegan world – from breakfast extravaganzas to take-away dinners.

So whynot make 2019 the year that you stop eating animals?

You'll not only be helping to end animal exploitation butalso be improving your own health and protecting the environment.

Every week of the pledge,we'll send you meal plans,recipes,and tips on having a balanced diet,choosing vegan clothes and cruelty-free cosmetics,and showing compassion for animals in other areas of your life.We'll help you every step of the way.

Unlike that all-too-often forgotten-about gym membership from last year,this is a resolution you'll want to keep!